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What is Herbal Medicine ?


herbal medicineProperties of herbs have been painstakingly studied by Chinese scholars for nearly two thousand years. The first book documenting the functions of herbs and the benefit they can bring to Mankind's health appeared in the 2nd century (for instance, herbs for curing influenza, various skin conditions and even snake bites were identified).


While the medicinal properties of herbs were being studied individually, a large number of herbal formulas were also being developed. The ingredients of each formula and the amount of each ingredient were tested extensively to bring maximum benefit. Nowadays Chinese Medicine doctors have a great variety of herbal formulas at their disposal. However, practitioners of Chinese Medicine believe that no two patients should be treated in the same way, even when they suffer the same ailment.chinese herbs


Great skill and experience are required in choosing the right formula and very often the doctor will have to modify the formulas slightly to suit individual cases. Most of the time the patient is asked to boil the herbs and drink the liquid (like tea), although external use may also be suggested.