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What our clients say about treatment at The Chinese Medicine Centre


Jackie really changed my life for me. I had difficulty getting pregnant after trying to conceive for 8 years, and lost hope when I began to have menopausal symptoms at the age of 45. I did not want to undergo IVF treatment so I came to Jackie’s clinic for help. After just 3 months of Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment, I discovered I was six weeks pregnant and have gone on to have a beautiful, healthy daughter without any complications. It feels like a miracle. Jackie always supported and encouraged me from the very beginning and I’m so grateful for everything. 


I started to have a bad stomach and abnormal bowel movements last October. I thought it would go away after some time, but it persisted. I went to the GP just after Christmas and a subsequent stool test showed a very high level of calprotectin. The GP referred me to a consultant but the appointment was postponed and then cancelled due to Covid 19. As a last resort, I asked Jackie for help. Amazingly, my symptoms stopped as soon as I started to take the herbal medicine that Jackie prescribed. I am feeling normal now but I am still taking the medicine for consolidation since the symptoms had lasted such a long time. I used to be suspicious about the efficacy of herbal medicine, but I am now completely convinced that it works and highly recommend it to anyone.


I came to Jackie for Chinese medicine and acupuncture when I was 34, after a traumatic event which left me with anxiety and panic attacks for 7 years. I was constantly shaky and nervous, with an overwhelming sense of nausea everyday – from when I woke up in the morning and lasting throughout the whole day. It was starting to affect me in my workplace and taking a toll in my everyday life. Jackie is very caring and approachable so I felt immediately reassured from the very first consultation. The relief I felt through the acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Jackie’s clinic is indescribable. After a few months of treatment, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and now I finally feel like my old self again. Thank you so much for all your help Jackie.


I came to Jackie’s Chinese Medicine Clinic when I was 40 years old because I was struggling to have a baby after going through 3 consecutive miscarriages. Within 3 months of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment I was pregnant. I am delighted to say that I did not encounter any problems throughout the pregnancy and had a perfect birth at the expected due date. I was anxious throughout the process but Jackie’s calm professionalism and caring nature reassured me along the way and I can’t recommend her enough.


I’m so pleased with the results I have had with Jackie. I’d had irritable bowel syndrome for 4 years which I was very distressed by, and I did not want to rely on fibre supplements to go to the toilet anymore. I had already seen a few acupuncturists who made little difference but found Jackie’s clinic through searching online. She recommended trying acupuncture alongside Chinese herbal medicine personally prescribed for me, and after a few sessions of treatment I amazingly began to have normal bowel movements. I feel back to normal now and highly recommend Jackie for the treatment of IBS.


I had a very severe flare of my eczema during high school which was extremely itchy, sore and also weeping. It was very uncomfortable for me. I felt embarrassed and anxious to go to school and my mood really suffered. I had failed treatments recommended by the GP and the specialist referral wait was too long. I also did not want to be on medication my whole life and hoped for a natural way to clear my eczema. A family friend had previously come to Jackie who helped cure their eczema so I came to The Chinese Medicine clinic on this recommendation with the support of my family. I commenced acupuncture sessions and drank prescribed Chinese herbal medicine. Jackie was so reassuring, kind and positive whenever I felt disheartened by my progress. Now, one year on and I’m so happy to say that my eczema has completely cleared up.


I had trouble getting pregnant for over 2 years. After undergoing investigations with my husband at the hospital, the doctor said it was an unexplained infertility. I was reluctant to try IVF and made an appointment with Jackie’s clinic looking for alternative treatment. After 3 months of acupuncture and drinking Chinese medicine I became pregnant and finally had a baby. We are so happy, thank you so much Jackie.


From the age of 14 I began to have very stubborn acne for many years, and antibiotics and creams prescribed by my GP did not help. I was referred to a dermatologist but my Dad suggested I try Chinese medicine instead, so I came to Jackie’s clinic for treatment. After a few sessions of acupuncture and drinking Chinese medicine my skin started to improve and my acne went away within a month which is miraculous for me. I’m so happy with my clear skin now, thank you so much Jackie.


I feel like I had anxiety, depression and insomnia for my whole life. Even after taking antidepressants and sleeping tablets prescribed by my GP I still felt the same. I wanted traditional treatment and found Jackie’s website online so I travelled to her clinic from Manchester every week for acupuncture and to collect Chinese medicine. I’m now able to sleep at night and am in a much better place, mentally and physically, with the help of Chinese medicine. I’m so glad I found Jackie because she has made such a big difference to my life.


Every day I wake up feeling blessed and amazed at what Chinese medicine and acupuncture has done for me. I’d suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for many years, which affected all my joints from my neck down to my ankles. I was taking methotrexate alongside 8 painkillers a day which still did not relieve my pain. I even struggled with getting dressed with my husband having to look after me. At age 59 I felt like I was dying. I was recommended to Jackie through a friend at work and in complete honesty, I went without much hope. I decided to just try Chinese medicine for a month and after one month my pain improved so I continued. The side effects I had from being on methotrexate (low platelet levels, diarrhoea, insomnia, depression and high blood pressure) also eventually disappeared. I’ve been able to come off my prescribed medication and I feel like a completely new person. I’ve joined the gym and a local walking club, going from being virtually bed-bound to an avid hiker. I’m so grateful for your help Jackie, thank you again.


A few years ago I was hit by a car which left me with permanent brain damage and my joints were in pieces. I was left with extreme pain all over my body and my driver’s license was taken away. I felt like my life was over – I became depressed, started gaining weight and couldn’t sleep at night. There wasn’t much more that my doctor could do for me and so I came to Jackie’s Chinese Medicine Clinic after searching online for alternative treatment. From each acupuncture session with Jackie I felt an instant relief. I always felt very relaxed and I noticed my sleep improving. Together with the Chinese medicine I even felt my brain recovering and I began to think about my future again. I was able to reapply for a driver’s license and pass my driving test. I no longer have any pain, I’ve joined a gym, lost weight and feel like my life is almost back to normal. I don’t think I would have never recovered without Jackie – thank you so much.


I had previously come to Jackie to help treat my eczema, and I came to her again upon my GP’s recommendation after I was diagnosed with alopecia. At that time, I was going through some personal problems which caused me a lot of stress. My hair started falling out in clumps. The GP gave me a steroid cream for my hair loss which had no effect after 4 months, so it was suggested I try traditional Chinese medicine before my hair follicle became completely destroyed. It was a gradual process but after 3 months of treatment my hair has started to slowly grow back. I have absolute confidence in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It has helped me so much at times in my life when I thought it was impossible. Thank you Jackie.


I’d had long-term issues with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and intermittent claudication for 20 years before I came to Jackie’s clinic for treatment. It stopped me from walking and I could only walk 5-10 minutes at a time before stopping to rest from my aching calves. I’d also have a burning pain in my knees afterwards, along with pain from my arthritis. After drinking Chinese herbal medicine and receiving acupuncture treatment for a few months, I no longer have any pain in my body and am able to go on long hikes with my family. I feel wonderful now and would highly recommend Jackie’s clinic for Chinese medicine treatment to anyone.


For at least ten years I’d had urticaria, profuse sweating and fatigue. I’d go to work on the subway and would sweat through my suit by the time I got to my office. When I went to see a specialist I was told I had abnormally high levels platelets. They were unable to give a name for my condition and did not know how to treat it. Steroids were trialed but did not alleviate my symptoms at all so I decided to look for alternative treatment. My colleagues suggested I try Chinese medicine so I came to Jackie’s clinic on recommendation from a friend. I commenced acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment, and had my platelet levels tested every month. In just half a year my platelet levels were back to normal which was absolutely astonishing. I still can’t believe it till this day. I highly recommend coming to Jackie’s clinic to everyone.

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